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2018 new product  

New design kinetic light

1. Lifting Height 0 -6m, can be customized.Ball size 15/20/25/30/35cm can optional

2. Multi-Colors RGB Mixing

3. Electronic Dimming 0-100%

4. Sound Active with built-in microphone 

5. DMX-512 Protocol/Sound control

6. Red, green and blue can be separately dimming

 7. 256 brightness control

Ceiling decoration, DJ, nightclub, bar, KTV, television studio, theater and so on.

DMX winches kinetic system with rgb lift led ball light

1.Voltage :AC90V-240V, 50-60Hz

2.Total Power:80W

3.Working temperature:5 - 45 centigrade

4.Housing weight:7.5kg

5.Gross weight:8.5kg

6.Lift height:0-12m

7.ball size:15/20/25/30/30/35cm,can be customized

8.Control model:DMX512 / master-slave / Auto/madrixs

9. control channels:6/10CH

X Lighting new products led kinetic lights colorful football

1 Operate Voltage:90-240v,50-60HZ

2 Power :120w

3.Led ball Diameter:22cm,motor height:0-9M,can optional

4 Control Channel:6/10 CH 

5 Control Model:DMX512,Master-slave;Sound Control; Auto-run

6 Work permit temperature:-5-45 degree 

7 Light source/Effect: RGB can dimming seperately, and many strobe effect, 256 brightness control, flicker free.

8 Classic:7.5kg

9 G.W:10.5kg; 


260W BEAM moving head

1. Voltage: AC 90-240v, 50/60Hz


3. Power consumption: 150w

4. Lighting Source: 260W

5. Output: 180000lm@10metre

6. Control: DMX, master slave, sound active, auto mode

7. Gobo: 11 pattern + blank

8. Color: 13 colors+open

9. Prism: 2 independent rotating prisms create 24 beam effect, two-way rotating prism plate, beam angle can be freely scaled

 10. Focus: linear adjustment


12. Net weight:14.80KG

14*5W Warm white LED Bar wall washer

1.Power supply: AC110V-220V 50/60HZ 

2.Power consumption: 100W

3.Light source: 14pcs 5W Warm white 

 4.Lamp life: 5-10 ten thousand hrs

 8.Control channels: 2/14/18 CH 

9.Control mode: DMX512, master/slave, auto, sound active 

10.N.W: 5.5kg 

11.G.W: 7kg

2018 new design led kinetic lights crystal column  

1 Operate Voltage:90-240v,50-60HZ

2 Power :120w

3 Contol Channel:6/10 CH

4 Control Model:DMX512,Master-slave;Sound Control;Auto-run;

5 Work permit temperature:-5-45 degree

6 Light source/Effect:RGB can dimming seperately,and many strobe effect,256 brightless control,flicker free.

7 Classic:9.5kg

8 G.W:12kg;

9.Size: D10cm*H70cm


350W Waterproof  moving head light

1. Voltage: AC 90-240v, 50/60Hz


3. Power consumption: 350w

4. Lighting Source: OSRAM 350W 

5. Output: 150000lm@10metre

6. Control: DMX, master slave, sound active, auto mode.

7. Gobo: 17 static gobos+open

8. Color: 14 colors+open

9. Prism: 8 facet rotating prism 

10. Focus: linear adjustment

17R 350W Beam Wash 3in1  moving head stage light


2.DMX Channel: 16/22CH

3.Lamp: Yodn MSD R17 350w lamp

4.Color temperature:7500k

5.Color: 13 colors + open,Variable direction rainbow effect with speed adjustable

6.Gobo 01: 9Rotate Gobo, rotatable and interchangeable gobos plus open with speed adjustable,

7.Gobo 02:  14 Static Gobo + open

8.Prism: 16/24/8-face prism + 6-face linear prism with variable speed and direction rotating

9.ZOOM: Linear motorized Zoom from 2°to 38°angle

10.Frost: Gradually frost, wash angle 5-30 degree

11.Strobe: Preset variable/random stroble and dimming pulse effect

New products battery powered wireless dmx led par lights

1. Voltage: AC 90-240v, 50/60Hz 
2. Power consumption: 220w 
3. Lighting Source: 12pcs×18w  LED 
4. Color: RGBWA UV 6IN1 
5. Control: DMX / Wireless /  master slave, sound actived, auto mode 
6. Channel: 6/10CH 
7. Optical Souce Angle: 25° or 45° optional 
8. Display: digital screen 
9.Outside case: Black or White color optional 
10. N.W.: 5.5 kg 
11. G.W.: 6.5kg

DMX LED System Kinetic Tube Light Kinetic Winches triangle




Two liters + one tube

1. working voltage: 90-240v, 50-60HZ

2 .Power: 50w

3. Contol Channel: 6/10 CH

4. control model: DMX512, master and slave; voice; automatic operation

5. work permit temperature: 5-45 degrees

6 .light source / effect: RGB can be individually dimmed, multiple flash effects, 256 brightness control, no flicker

7. classic: 7.5kg

8. G.W: 8.5 kg

9. Delivery height: 0-9 meters in general, can be customized

10. LED tube:1m/2m




 High Power LED Outdoor Wireless Battery Wall Washer


1. Voltage: AC 90-240v, 50/60Hz
2. Power consumption: 320w
3. Lighting Source: 20 pcs×18w led
4. Color: R.G.B.W.A.P ( 6 in 1)
5. Control: DMX, master slave, sound actived, auto mode
6. Channel: 14CH
7. Beam angle: 25 or 45°(optional)
8. Function: Wireless controller and  Battery power
9. N.W.: 10 kg
10. G.W.: 11 kg
11. Carton size: 335×220×330mm

Sharpy 350W 17R Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Light


2.DMX Channel: 16CH

3.Lamp: Yodn MSD R17 350w lamp

4.Color temperature:7500k


6.Gobo:17 gobo+white

7.Prism: 24 prism+Beehive prism

8.Lens:high precision optics lens

9.Motor: Three - phase motor

10.Beam:Color beam + multistage beam angle

11.Focus:linear focus

3W RGB Animation Laser Light disco lighting

1.Input Voltage:AC90-245V


3.Power consumption:120W

4.Laser Power:R:638nm 1W  G:520nm 1W  B:450nm 1W

5.Play Mode:Auto,sound active,DMX512,Master/slave、ILDA、SD Card

6.Scanning speed:0-40Kpps    SD card:4G

7.Scanning angle:50°


9.Operation Temperature:10-35℃

10.Cooling Way:Fan cooling

11.Carton packing size/weight:340*250*236mm/8kg

12.Flight Case Packing Size/Weight:400*320*240mm/16kg

10R Robe Beam Wash Spot 3in1 280W LED Moving Head Lights Stage Light DMX Controller

1.Voltage :    110V~220V/50-60Hz

2.Ballast :Electroni-ballast

3.Lamp :Osram 280w

4.Channel:16 /24channels

5.Output :130000 LUX @ 10m

6.Average Lifespan :2200 hours

7.Color wheel :13dichroic filters+white

8.Gobo wheel :9 rotating gobos+open, 14 static gobos+open

9.Prism :8-facet prism+6-facet linear prism

10.Lens :High precision optical lens

11.Wash effect :Adjustable Wash effects angle

12.Focus :0-100% linear

13.Zoom :1-100% linear

14.Pan/Tilt :X axis 540° Y axis 270°automatically accurate positioning

15.Beam angle :Parallel beam angel 0 – 20°

16.Control mode :Standard DMX512, Automatic and Master/ slave mode;
Controller can open the lamp and reset, including delaying function

17.Weight :N.W:17kg  G.W 23kg

Production size :41*33*50cm /unit

Packing size :46*38.5*55cm/unit

hight quality led wireless battery par light

1. Voltage: AC 90-240v, 50/60Hz

2. Power consumption: 120w

3. Lighting Source: 6pcs×18w  LED

4. Color: RGBWA UV 6IN1

5. Control: DMX / Wireless / Remote / Phone wifi, master slave, sound actived, auto mode

6. Channel: 6/10CH

7. Optical Souce Angle: 25° or 45° optional

8. Display: digital screen

9. Outside case: Black or White color optional

10. N.W.: 3 kg

11. G.W.: 4.5kg

2017 Product Moving head laser diode array laser light

1.Input Voltage:AC90-245V


3.Laser source:Red or Green or Blue Optional one color

4.Play Mode:Auto,sound active,DMX512,Master/slave、ILDA、SD Card

5.Scanning speed:0-40Kpps    SD card:4G

6.Scanning angle:50°


8.Operation Temperature:-10-45℃

9.Cooling Way:Fan cooling



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